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17-Jan-2018 12:35

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Thanks a lot, Nathan Okay, so with a fair bit of googling I have figured out working VBA code.

It provides one long string of data, but it's a start. The ICP number is a named range in Excel and replace "KEY" with your individual authorisation token. Open "GET", my URL, Falsewin Http Request Header "Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key", "KEY"win Http Req.sendresult = win Http Req.response Text I've put together a spreadsheet that works in Excel for Windows that downloads one ICP's details and populates cells with the following parameters with good consistency: ICP, Unit, Number, Street, Suburb, Town, Region, Post Code, Network, GXP, Reconciliation Type, Generation, Fuel, Network Price Category, Loss Factor, Trader, MEP, Profile, AMI flag.

Feel free to study this step-by-step guide to be able to use the code you found: These lines, as their names suggest, turn off screen refresh and recalculating the workbook's formulas before running the macro.

After the code is executed, everything is turned back on.

Maximize str Form = "frm CII_Menu" 'Call f Close Form(str Form) 'Do Cmd. Name If Not Left(str2, 4) = "MSys" Then str1 = str1 & vb Cr Lf & tdf1.

Close ' Set rst = Nothing ' Set mydb = Nothing gv Tgt DBName = v MDBName str Title = v MDBName Call f Set Database Title(str Title) gv MDBName = v MDBName f Set MDBName = v MDBName '9/12/2002 Do Cmd.

Hourglass False Set rst = Nothing Set mydb = Nothing ' Set mydb = Current Db() ' Set rst = mydb.

Andrew, as far as I'm aware system tables start MSys, not tbl. Bluegoose, I can't see any significant difference between your script and my ones (and mine have been converted from 2003 to 20). Current Data Set db1 = Current Db ' Search for open Access Object objects in All Tables collection.

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Open Form str Form, ac Normal, "", "", , ac Normal f Set MDBName_Exit: Exit Function f Set MDBName_Err: Msg Box Error$ Resume f Set MDBName_Exit End Function Are you sure you have exclusive access to the database table?

Hourglass True Set mydb = Current Db() Set rst = mydb.

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