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Aunt and I ended up having 4 hour lunch catching up on everything. After a good sleep over at Aunt’s place, this hearty do-your-body -good Rice cake soup for breakfast! 1976, Korea Aunt, thanks for everything and take care till the next time we see! I love you both, you lovely creative strong sisters!There are many ways to fight, some favor the power of the greataxe, some fight with a sword and shield and some choose the twin dagger's speed, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages-but to the dashing swordsman there is only one choice of weapon, the one that has the most style.Stylish Stab (Ex): As a free action a third level Dashing Swordsman may spend two style points in order to make his attacks with his rapier at such wonderful movements that each attack he makes that round deals 2d6 additional damage.


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Mom’s next project is to add these solid concrete cylinders to the outside fence/wall. Chestnuts drying on a Pyung Sang ( a quite big scaled low wooden seating deck) in the garden… These beautiful wooden beams were hidden and the ceiling was lowered when the house was purchased. Poured concrete floor feels very modern in contrary to house’s traditional details. Aunt with big big smile and Brandy and Tang right outside of her beautiful Heyri home.

-“Actually, my friends call me MJ.” -The bathroom scene with Happy and Peter.