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14-Jan-2018 11:42

Furthermore, muddiness doesn’t just have to be reserved for those in the countryside, and can be gauged for those in towns too – so the only common denominator is not to have an aversion to getting dirty.

If you love the Irish countryside and would be interested in meeting some like-minded singles, the Muddy Matches Irish countryside dating website is the place to be.

If they do reply, they tell you they are in a relationship, in that case why have they been on the site in the last 24 hours, I'm wondering.

I met a smashing chap on there an we've been seeing each other for over a month.

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Founded by Lucy Reeves and Emma Royall in 2006, two sisters from a farming background.

Met Russell in April 12 but been seeing him since last Christmas.. I’ve never attempted the online thing and have always been scared off by horror stories but this seems absolutely fine, well managed and easy to navigate.

You’ve finished college, done some time away from the farm and gained some business experience.

So first date conversation topics should be light and free-flowing, instead of heavy and probing.

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Here are some safe conversation topics to try and some unsafe topics to avoid: Do talk about Country life You have both chosen to join a countryside dating website, so it is a safe bet to guess that your date is interested in the country lifestyle. Cinema Dates - We would never recommend a date to the cinema for a first date as you don’t get the chance to chat to one another.

However, when you have already got to know one another well, it can be a good way to enjoy each other’s company in comfortable silence.