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DBI is a Perl module, well documented in both online sources and the "Programming the Perl DBI" book by Alligator Descartes, Alistair Carty, Tim Bunce and Linda Mui (O'Reilly, ISBN:1565926994) but still, I can see questions about using DBI with Oracle on Oracle USENET groups. Oracle has many features and data types, while using DBI with each particular feature is not always entirely trivial.The purpose of this article is to cover many of those uses from Perl practitioner's point of view.When the error is raised, an alert is issued to the alert log and DBMS_SQL becomes inoperable for the life of the session.

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· If you are fetching a cursor to a list of variables, the variables should be listed in the same order in the fetch statement as the columns are present in the cursor.An explicit cursor is defined in the declaration section of the PL/SQL Block. General Syntax to open a cursor is: When a cursor is opened, the first row becomes the current row.It is created on a SELECT Statement which returns more than one row. General Syntax for creating a cursor is as given below: In the above example we are creating a cursor ‘emp_cur’ on a query which returns the records of all the employees with salary greater than 5000. When the data is fetched it is copied to the record or variables and the logical pointer moves to the next row and it becomes the current row.Describing installation on Unix or Linux and omitting Windows or VMS would open me for the accusations of being OS biased.

As I really am biased toward one type of OS, I wanted to hide that fact and cover just the common parts.

PL/SQL also conforms to the current ANSI/ISO SQL standard.

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