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I have, fo farre as by private inqui- fition I could : but then fhall I think my felf fully fatisfied, if af- ter the publication of what I have done to that end, I fballfind it fa- tisfadlory unto others alfo,that can judge of thefe things, and are not engaged ; as well as unto my felf. reader,that lovcth truth more then appearances, though he do not ac- knowledge himfelf fatisfied with what I have written ; can have juft caufc neverthelel Te, to repent that this occafion hath been given him by me, to fatisfie himfelf more fully. He may deceive himfelf • he may be decei- ved by otbers • if he be not armed againft k, Trofunone nub em, to embrace a Cloud,or a Fogge for a Deitie ^ it is done by many, but it is a foul miftake: let him take heed of it. All make o*d««dt^/AOK,di' fine infpiration;to be the chief and principal.

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The Giromangy Enduro Team have launched themselves from a farm in the France and send it down some snowy trails on their shiny new Transition bikes.

Grimm als Max Brunner, Senta Auth als Veronika Brunner, Heidrun Gärtner als Annalena Brunner, Martin Wenzl als Ludwig Wiggerl Brunner, Brigitte Walbrun als Roswitha Brunner und viele mehr...

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