Updating nvram

24-Jan-2018 18:47

When referring to a person BIO, BIO's is short for biography and is a term used to describe a brief description of a person.

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In the picture below, is an example of what a BIOS chip may look like on your computer motherboard.For i Macs, you will need a model from late 2009 or later.The original plastic Macbooks will not run Sierra; only the aluminum models from late 2009 and later are compatible.Contact system administrator 4.4.20 Imaging unit low [84.xy] 4.4.21 Imaging unit nearly low [84.xy] 4.4.22 Imaging unit very low, [x] estimated pages remain [84.xy] 4.4.23 Incorrect paper size, open [paper source] [34] 4.4.24 Insufficient memory, some Held Jobs were deleted [37] 4.4.25 Insufficient memory, some held jobs will not be restored [37] 4.4.26 Insufficient memory for Flash Memory Defragment operation [37] 4.4.27 Insufficient memory to collate job [37] 4.4.28 Insufficient memory to support Resource Save feature [35] 4.4.29 Load manual feeder with [custom string] [paper orientation] 4.4.30 Load manual feeder with [custom type name] [paper orientation] 4.4.31 Load manual feeder with [paper size] [paper orientation] 4.4.32 Load manual feeder with [paper type] [paper size] [paper orientation] 4.4.33 Load [paper source] with [custom string] [paper orientation] 4.4.34 Load [paper source] with [custom type name] [paper orientation] 4.4.35 Load [paper source] with [paper size] [paper orientation] 4.4.36 Load [paper source] with [paper type] [paper size] [paper orientation] 4.4.37 Maintenance kit low [80.xy] 4.4.38 Maintenance kit nearly low [80.xy] 4.4.39 Maintenance kit very low, [x] estimated pages remain [80.xy] 4.4.40 Memory full [38] 4.4.41 Memory full, cannot print faxes 4.4.42 Memory full, cannot send faxes 4.4.43 Network [x] software error [54] 4.4.44 No analog phone line connected to modem, fax is disabled 4.4.45 Non- Printer Manufacture [supply type], see User’s Guide [33.xy] 4.4.46 Not enough free space in flash memory for resources [52] 4.4.47 Printer had to restart.

Last job may be incomplete 4.4.48 Reinstall defective or unresponsive cartridge [31.xy] 4.4.49 Reinstall missing or unresponsive cartridge [31.xy] 4.4.50 Remove paper from standard output bin 4.4.51 Replace all originals if restarting job 4.4.52 Replace cartridge, 0 estimated pages remain [88.xy] 4.4.53 Replace cartridge, printer region mismatch [42.xy] 4.4.54 Replace defective imaging unit [31.xy] 4.4.55 Replace jammed originals if restarting job 4.4.56 Replace imaging unit, 0 estimated pages remain [84.xy] 4.4.57 Replace maintenance kit, 0 estimated pages remain [80.xy] 4.4.58 Reinstall missing or unresponsive imaging unit [31.xy] 4.4.59 Replace unsupported cartridge [32.xy] 4.4.60 Replace unsupported imaging unit [32.xy] 4.4.61 Restore held jobs? Having worked with this OS for the last few months in its Beta versions, I must admit that it has been a fun experience.

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