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02-Sep-2017 07:29

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It has an extremely wide range of features, from billing to new concepts and ideas that improve your system with many handy tools and also new ways to monetize services that you didn't know you could sell. WHMCS is a very complex software made for Hosting Providers, Web Agencies and more in general for IT professionals but some parts of it has been left uncompleted.This is the case of the entire billing system which is functional but too basic.The Domain due date syncer (I couldn’t think of a shorter name, sorry) is a simply module which alters Active domain’s next due date to be the expiry date minus X days.This can be set from the Module Options and defaults to 7 days.Again: Be careful and take a Backup of your WHMCS database. Billing Extension is the biggest module ever made for WHMCS and the definitive solution for all your billing needs.The SMS Notify Can Send Mass SMS & Notify For New Orders Or New Support Tickets And Many More....

So your business provides an immediate renewal of customers' services & updates your customers as soon as possible.

Most of the time the number one question was always the billing system therefore we developed and matured our experience in this matter.

After so many times and customizations we decided to transfer all our experience in a single module named Billing Extension that is capable to adapt to multiple scenarios and that can be helpful to any company of any country each one with its peculiar regulations and laws. We developed the module always keeping in our mind that every single feature had to be modular because every country and company has its own needs.

The SMS Notify can send mass SMS and let you know about new orders or new support tickets and other information about your client area....

Key Features: Send SMS with all services info: Domain, Hosting Packname, Expiry Date, Next Due Date, Recurring amount, Days Left...

You can easily configure the module so that it knows what to do.